Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Familiarity Breeds Contempt"

I have heard the saying "Familiarity Breeds Contempt". Hmm... Well, Not in my world!
You know why? Because to me, Familiarity brings about Tranquility in knowing that I KNOW!

So what, if it's boring to most? If You are content with it, then who cares what others say?

I love everything that most Reject because Within those things are where I find the gems, that are waiting to be found!

1) The meek geek that most would bully around usually turn out to be a Champ or a Star waiting to be born.

2) The ugly duckling girl that no one thought to be pretty end up becoming a successful Beauty Queen.

3) The dorky guy with the thick glasses who could never get a date in school end up becoming a GQ Model.

4) The Geek Freaks that the Jocks all hated and made fun off are usually the ones who end up with the best career and the better life!

Tell me... Are you one of those 4?

Having said all that, If Familiarity breeds contempt in you, then you must have an Attention Disorder! LOL:)

You just don't want to KNOW anything passed screwing your life up! Go to it then!

Ohhh... You say it's all about having fun? Reeeaaalllyyy?
Hey,,, WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Life is NOT fun, you get one TRY and game Over!

Let Familiarity breed and take advantage of the Wisdom that it will give you!
Familiarity is how you become at expert at something!

Next time someone asks you how you became good at what you do...Think about it!
You became so familiar with it that it became second nature and thus you were able to do things and accomplish more than your peers!

Peace To All!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Acceptance is usually attached to something that may sound unpleasant.
I have heard the word used as a source of Encouragement due to undesired results from certain mistakes. Example: "The quicker you accept the betrayal, the faster you will heal" and
"The acceptance of error will quicken the acquisition of wisdom"

I personally Embrace acceptance very much in the way I just described.
Having said that, I also see acceptance in the sense that there is nothing wrong in receiving back when you have given your best.

Accepting that you were born with a Purpose is sometimes difficult to do.
Once you accept that notion, you are made aware that you are now accountable...
Being accountable means being Responsible.
Being Responsible means having the Acceptance to be Accountable.

Think about it!