Saturday, April 4, 2015

"It's sad when people forget how hard you worked to be a self-made success, then only have judgement for you, when things go wrong"

"It's sad when people forget how hard you worked to be a self-made success, then only have judgement for you, when things go wrong"

I have never been a real Prideful person but a person with Self-Respect. I have never sold myself out and do not believe in cashing in on someone else's misfortunes! Having said that, I find that too many of my so called friends have taken advantage of my Good Heart and have never had a second thought about what i have done for them with every inch of my fiber!

I am not angry but very disenchanted with the word Friendship...
To me, it is a serious thing to call someone a Friend! In my life, I have been through too much disappointments in this area and I really don't care to say that word 'Friend' anymore.

Friendships seems to be a licence to take advantage of the good hearted.
I have my Tattoo Artist friend, who is a Giver, and everytime I come in to see her, she tells me
Not to pay! She always remembered when I helped her for free, many years ago. That is good enough for me! My reply to her was always "Friendship, is not a License to take advantage of your good heart, so now tell me what I owe you"

It's not that I think I am so wonderful, I just think that it is the correct thing to do!
Call me crazy, but I will not change my ways because the rest of the world are assholes!
I know there are many out there, who have the similar Spirit and Heart as I do and one day,
I believe I will cross paths with them. I have a person now, that I cannot wait to see because I know she is the same way. She is not selfish nor greedy and is such a lovely person to exchange ideas with.

Tonight, I was told by a close family member to basically join the crowd and give up my self respect by getting a regular job. This is the 2nd close family member, who has said this to me, forgetting that I used to work 3 Regular jobs, in order to Compete! I climbed the ladder with no Support and I made it all on my own!

Tonight, I write this not because I am angry but because I am hurt that I am only appreciated, when I am at the top of my game! Friends? I have had friends, who wrote me off without any explanations and yet, I forgave them! I was good to them, so it is not my problem and they will have to deal with the guilt! I have had friends who used me and my time over and over again, yet I have forgiven them!

I still talk to everyone of these asshole friends until today! Why? Because I feel sorry for Them!
I remain polite and always will but to spend time with them again?
I will do that but only via memories!

If you are going through the same thing as I am, well... You are not alone and my best advice is to
Succeed, Make a good life for yourself and Help them out, when they need cash! That is the biggest slap in the face you could give them!

I am going through a Life Changing experience and I'll be damned if I join the rest of the crowd and lose what I worked for so hard... Self Respect and Self Worth!
Whatever you do for work, if you are being mistreated? Tell them to Fuck Off and move on!
Cash will always find its way in your pocket!
The most important thing is Self Respect and Self Worth!

Happy Easter weekend and Peace To You All!