Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Ever felt like Screaming, Howling at the moon and Ripping yourself right out of your skin?"

   "Have you ever felt like Screaming, Howling at the moon and Ripping yourself right out of your skin?"

If the answer is 'Yes' Then you are not alone! This is exactly how I am feeling right at this very moment!
I am very close to the woods and how lovely it would be just to run wild there and do just that!
I wonder why things need to be so complicated!??? I am into Damage Prevention!
So why the hell do things still go wrong?

I must say that as I am  writing this, my mind is perplexed and my inner spirit is not at all jiving with what I know to be correct.
I know, you have been following my Blog and it usually gives you something to think about  or even get mad about!
This time, I am writing without thinking about the words first. This is as Raw as I can get with who I am and how I am feeling inside for this particular moment. I am NOT depressed. I am FED Up!

I worked so hard to have all that I have today without any help or support from anyone, until lately.
Perhaps, it's just this moment that I am feeling this horrible desire to leave this place  called earth.
Perhaps, I am just Sad about a few things. Perhaps, I am feeling self pity for the sacrifices I made that did not make an ounce of difference except Hurt and Loss in my own life.
Yes... I have many other Perhaps to consider.

Right now,I don't feel so human-like. I don't feel Human at all! I feel like an Alien Beast that is about to lose its control.
People are just so stupidly ignorant, inconsiderate, lazy and a bunch of selfish toads!
I am not sure what I will do tonight, but something weird is going on inside my mind.
I have always done my best to blend in and co-operate but that Polite trait is long gone.
Piss me off and you will be accountable!

I wish I could tell you exactly everything I want to say but you will have to settle for tid bits because that is all you are worthy to get!

This innate instinct is getting stronger with its desire to expose itself....
Shall I  allow it?
I mean, Really... Can you imagine me Howling at the moon and shredding my clothes off while holding  you down under my feet?
Are you afraid or excited with fear and lust? Would it be worth it to you, to see such a sight that most do not get to a chance to behold?

What if it were the last thing you get to experience, will it still be worth it?...