Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7/2010

Today has been a very perplexing day....Over the years, I have spent much time Understanding and accepting all types of people. My ex husband who has had a serious problem with booze and drugs has lost everything. The better word might be 'Thrown' away everything including our 10 yr marriage!..I have tried to help him the past 3 1/2 yrs but now....I am fed up!
I gave with my eyes open and was NOT manipulated.. I chose to help.
Today though? I made a decision and it is final..........I no longer want to have an amicable ending nor will I care to be his only friend. It does NOT work!!
Helping a drug user/alcoholic Does Not work! ...They really do need to lose it all and scrape the bottom..........I regret nothing when it comes to helping and giving but I refuse to be part of the problem....Today...April 8th 02:00 hrs...I have completely deleted all compassion from my heart for him. I believe that he will do better because of my letting him starve. If he Od's then so be it!
Perhaps, it is in the cards soon...perhaps, God shall make a trophy out of his trashy life...
I do not know but I hope and pray for the best for him. It is all I can do now and the most important thing I should do for him...!

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