Thursday, February 23, 2012


Most people close to me with the exception of my Mother and Andrew, often wonder how I am able to Forgive the many offenses some individuals have inflicted on me.

I Forgive not for the offenders but for me. If I do not, then Hatred can develop!
A friend told me once, that if I ever get so mad at someone, the best way not hate, is to do something nice for that person...
You know something? It works!

There will always be people who will do things to hurt us either on purpose or unintentionally.
That is just how life goes!
It is up to Us to set them straight with words of wisdom and to follow it with Forgiveness.

Why should we Forgive? To Free ourselves from the wretched feelings of Hatred and Resentment.
Forgiveness allows us to Free our Minds from horrific thoughts of vengeance or remorse.
Forgiveness allows us to eradicate any Guilt, Shame and Fear.

Easier said than done! Forgiveness does not mean we must condone the offence.
The Offender must be held accountable, but no one has the right to Judge...
Only GOD has that Right!

We need to remember that each one of Us have done things to hurt others too.
None of us can claim Perfection!
Those who know no SIN and have never done any wrong may cast the first stone!

Think about it... Replace the Anger with Forgiveness and Love will win EVERY TIME!

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