Saturday, November 22, 2014

" Could you have made a better choice at the time? "

                          " COULD YOU HAVE MADE A BETTER CHOICE AT THE TIME? "

Let's think seriously about this question...

Could you have made a better choice at the time? I have asked myself the same question a million

times and you know what keeps coming back to me, as an answer? NO.

I have gone through all the different scenarios that may have given me a different life and somehow,

I keep coming up with the same answer...

I made the choices I made, because they were correct at the time for my heart, my spirit and my


If you are Straight-Minded, then you never need to question your sanity.

If you are with a good Spirit, then you need not question if your motives were less than Pure.

Finally, if your Heart is clean, then there is no need to question Love and Honorability.

Once I realized those facts, I then came to the conclusion that my choices were perfect for me,

although the outcome were not the kind I had anticipated.

Many times, the choices we thought were wrong, were actually the perfect choice for us to learn

something valuable. It's different for each of us, so I can only speak for myself...

The most important lesson, I learned was to become Forgiving!

The other lesson is No human can be trusted!

Another lesson is to Remember Who I am!

At the risk of sounding pompous, humans rarely impress me and when they do? It is short lived.

I do not ask myself that question anymore about past decisions, but I am still careful on present

and future decisions. At my age, I don't care to learn about life too much more!

I have learned all the necessary evil, I can withstand...

The one other thing, I must mention is the fact, that most humans do not listen to reason.

They are defiant and ignorant. They are mostly trying to numb their pain rather than deal with it like

a good soldier! No, I cannot blame them. Just because I am not like that, it does not make them

wrong and I correct.

I have my set of very Strict Rules for myself, that most would not consider for their lives!

Wherever each of us stand with Decision Making, I just want to encourage you Not to pity yourself

for the outcome of what you think was an incorrect decision.

Try to Learn from it and Grow.

You might surprise yourself and see Someone, you should have loved and protected since the

beginning... Yourself!


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