Thursday, November 27, 2014

" Do any of the people you interact with deserve your time and effort? "


This is another irritating question, that we need and should ask ourselves...

The majority of humans are out-going and want a social life, of some sort. If by chance, they are not,

most of them try very hard to be, due to fear of Loneliness. As for myself, I like spending time alone

and quite enjoy it.

I have tried to enjoy the Fun of being in a social environment...

Laughing at stupid jokes, which I have no understanding of and I have even tried to be in attendance

of simple means, which only led to more attention!  By the time I was in my early 20's, I began to

question the value of this so called Interactions with others in my life.

Using the logical mind that I was blessed with, I realized that Social gatherings were not for me.

Laughing at jokes that were not funny became Foolish to me and a waste of my precious time!

There were only a handful of souls, I cared to understand and relate to, Sometimes, even those few

made me question my presence with them at the time.

I really had to open my mind to see, if this issue stemmed from a bad experience or was it part of my


My preference towards privacy and isolation made me appear Introverted, even to myself!

What was shocking is that everyone always wanted me to be around and would laugh with me

during each and every conversation. Perhaps, they thought I was Mad?

Perhaps, they enjoyed my Honesty? I really could not tell you why.

All I know is that I get invited out all the time and unless, the person inviting is in my circle of

comfort, I would say no.

However, although I was careful of whom I spent time with, when I did spend time with them,

I always had the urge to question why?

What made that person special enough for me to leave my lovely place of serenity?

I appreciate every single person, I have ever encountered because they deserve to be appreciated for

who they are and that includes even the silly things!

That to me, was a Catalyst in enabling me to change towards Respecting their life as a human.

So much drama and fuss over the silliest things like: Who was the better man or woman.

What people did for a living and how much money do they have or make?

Was there a God and if so, he must be a cruel God to allow so much devastation!

Really? I am expected to participate in a meaningless conversation that would probably lead to an

argument... Oh, No thank You! Keep your opinion to yourself and perversions too!

I have always been an open-minded person and non-judgmental.

It's all good, as long as nobody tries to push anything on me! That is something that will make me

Angry. and for some reason, most do not want to see that happen!

However, every so often, there will be one, who feels that they need to challenge me, on more shit

that is useless to even use as a topic, in a conversation!

I am at fault for being too polite at first and will always try to deflect and derail the speed of drama

that tends to escalate into a debate or an argument.

But Piss me off enough by pushing too far and I will never have a problem castrating egos at large!

Therefore, to answer my own question... Do any of the people I interact with deserve my time and

effort? My answer will have to be: Not a chance! I choose to enjoy them by giving them my time and

effort, otherwise... I'd be deemed completely Mad and a lying hypocrite!

If you are one of my chosen friends, you know that I value your company, because if I did not?

You would certainly not hear from me or see me at the local bar flapping my gums about shit that do

not contribute to an exchange of encouraging words.

Too many negative humans, who think they know everything and so damn judgmental to those less

fortunate than them!

Knowing why you are interacting with certain people is very important to your mental growth,

So think about that and try to forget the shit , most people want to brainwash you with.

My challenge to you is to evaluate your so called circle of trust and friends...

There were so much more I wanted to add to this post but time is up!

Be careful of those who flatter you with Insincerity. It will lead you to a path that you wish you'd

never gone on!

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