Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27/11

It's another day and another chance to make things happen for good. Although I have not been
feeling too well lately and for good reasons, I try to keep in mind that there is an ending to all things.
Good or Bad, Feast or Famine...

There is a time to Laugh and a time to Cry. If only I could let the tears flow when need be, I might actually be able to Grieve all the loss and deaths I have had to deal with the past 8 yrs!
Everything is in God's Perfect Timing, this much I know! I need to be steadfast with my Faith!
Harvest time is almost at hand, so why is it that I am SAD?

Perhaps, just too tired for the moment.
Perhaps, my spirit is a little down.
Perhaps, I need to hear silence instead of all these ideas that take over my mind...
Perhaps, I just need to Breathe and Laugh again...

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