Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Hypocrites, are you one of them?"

No one likes a Hypocrite! I left many churches because of it. I am not sure I would ever go back into another one again! I worship my Lord in my heart, mind and home. 

Let's be honest, why be good for only one day when the rest of the church can watch you? You don't think The Almighty sees what you do behind closed doors?

This piece is not about Religion but about being a real sincere person in the flesh! It's easy to point fingers at people but don't kid yourself, your soul knows you shouldn't be doing that.

When there is a misunderstanding, it usually takes two people to do that. I don't prefer Pink Cloud Christianity or any beliefs that tell you that everything is good. That's a LIE! 

Mostly everything you would like to do is bad isn't it? you just have the sensibility not to do it and for some, they just do it anyway but they pretend to not do it or agree with it! It's called being double minded. 
Double minded individuals cannot be trusted, you do understand why right?

I refuse to listen with my heart to a bunch of scam artists that say they care then point fingers on you! Hypocrisy is a SIN in God's eyes and it ought to be in ours as well. Tell me one good reason why we ought to be hypocritical? Just come up with one reason please! If you cannot, then I guess I made my point. 

To those who know that they have this character flaw, it's not too late. Just make a decision to stop being a hypocrite and come clean! It's that easy!

Peace to All! 

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