Monday, September 3, 2012

"Intelligence does not give you the right to judge others!"

I have met more stupid people than I have intelligent people. I like them both! Why? 
Because the so called stupid are entertaining in so many ways, especially when they think they are smarter than they are!

I prefer the stupid ones who say it like it is...
"I do not have a clue what you are talking about!"
At least, they are being sincere. I can not ask for anymore than that.

The intelligent ones are also entertaining as they feel the need to tell you how much knowledge they have, without considering the possibility that you may know more than they do! Ever met them types?

They also must tell you all about what they have accomplished and how much money they maybe worth.

I happen to belong to the intelligent group, but it pisses me off when they pass judgement on the less intelligent people.

We all have an opinion but let us not argue on who is the better person! I love discussing philosophy and all sorts of things in life. There are always more things to learn from each other.

For once, I would like to hear an intelligent person say something helpful without sounding haughty towards the one who maybe a bit slow.

For once, I would love to see the intelligent lead with Love and Appreciation towards others and for the talent they have been given!

For once, I would love to see the stupid be taught by the intelligent without judgement or arguments.

The intelligent ought to be patient, methodical and understanding. The stupid ought to learn to shut up and listen to good counsel

Peace to All!

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