Thursday, August 23, 2012


Why is everybody against it? Actually I think they are afraid of it!
I understand that it is not comfortable, but if one believes he or she is in the right, then it is the right thing to do!

Are you content to live in a lie, in order to pacify and not rock the boat? If so, all I can say is too bad for you!

To me, that spells 'Gutless'. I am not talking about scenes in public like most morons like to exhibit!
I am talking about speaking with facts and a good mind.

I have let many get away with a lot of crap in my life, but they only get three passes and the third time is not a pass! The third time serves as the final warning and honorable stripes are removed.

The way I see it, the first time you screw up and it hurts me, it is understandable because you may have not known.
The second time you do something, it is still excusable because I may have not made myself clear the first time....

Now... The third time you do me wrong?
You Pay! Why? Because you are either stupid or you think I am stupid. Either way, it makes you a liability to me!

I am into 'Damage Prevention'. I do not like to live in pink clouds and I certainly do not deny the truth, weather it hurts or not!

So wake up, smell the coffee and for crying out loud... DRINK IT! 
Drink the whole pot, while you are at it!

I confront people all the time... 
I do it with a loving way, but only the first two times!
Until this day, no one has had any reasons to confront me based on being stupid or inconsiderate. I make sure to be accountable, considerate and straight up. It is not that difficult to do. It is called common sense. 

You will always know what I do not like...
If you are smart enough, it will be easy to figure out what I do like based on what I do not like.
Does that make sense to you? (Common sense)

Is it not 'Logical' or must I spend countless hours explaining why I have a headache, from having to deal with the annoyance of your presence?

I do not ask for much. All I am asking for is that you do not exasperate me, until you get hurt by my words. That is correct... 
Anyone that has ever gotten their ass chewed out by me, deserved it. 
Keeping it real... The ones I chewed up were lucky to have gotten away with the mistakes they have made, that put me in jeopardy or in pain.

I do not take kindly to others that I see demonstrate such actions to their so called friends, family or relationships. It is wrong to continue making the same mistakes over and over again. 
It is foolish and inconsiderate to take people, things and life for granted!

Remember, if you want to confront someone...
Do it with love and clear words as soon as you can.
Do not 'Nag', but do not 'Wait', set the record straight!

If they abandon you, great! That is one less irritation you will have to deal with. Why should you have to pay for their perpetual stupidity?

I can never fault anyone for stepping on my foot, if I did not tell them "Hey, you just stepped on my foot!" I also cannot fault them if I continue to put my foot under theirs...

Are you getting any of this, or would you like to confront me on what I just talked about?
This is not directed to anyone in particular, but 
I am betting that many will ask themselves if they were an inspiration to my mind while writing this.

Just so we are all clear? If you had that question resonating in your ear, then the answer is "YES".
If you felt a sting, then you obviously were one of the many that felt it was alright to do what you had done.

Are you going to drink that coffee after all or stay asleep until one of us dies?

Peace To All!  

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