Thursday, December 4, 2014

" How to charm a Strong woman, if you really want her"


Notice that I made mention of you really wanting her? There is a reason for that and I will address

it later. First of all, many are confused, as to what a strong woman really is! I am not speaking about

just physical strength, but of mind, heart and soul! It doesn't matter what you don't have, what

matters is how you connect with her mentally and spiritually. The sex is purely the physical

affirmation and should not be used as contest for her talent! Men are always attracted to beautiful

women, but do they even know or value what she is in the inside?

Don't get me wrong, not every woman is good, just like not every man is bad. Men and women are

two different species that need to be able to communicate on a higher level than just physical or

emotional outbursts.

If you are a man who loves a strong woman and would like to charm her, I can give you some tips!

Now, understand that I am not your Ordinary strong woman...

I am very keen as to how men fish for women! During my 20's I learned how many mind games

men like to play and they play to win. They offer gifts of enticements along with promises that

they never planned on fulfilling! I watched my female friends go through so much, because they fell

for a man that wanted them for their Strength in their line of work, Their ability to speak well and

can command attention everywhere they go.

I watched and learned the tricks men think will work and some did! I also watched how devastated

the woman became, when things did not work out!

Here's my advice...

Never try to get her in bed too soon, even if she invites you to her place, say 'NO'

Never bullshit her with big promises, she knows you will not be able to deliver.

Never try to be better than you are by putting other men down!

Never Push her to make a choice, as she can do all those things and have done them before you came


Never comment negatively on anything that she might feel insecure with. Teasing will just make her

angry! Last but not least...

Never make her jealous!

As the man, you must show her Respect and treat her like the Lady she is!

Always open the car door for her and Be a Gentleman! You'd be surprised to see how good that

feels! Communicate with her and don't be afraid. She will sense your sincerity and she will

Love you for that!

As far as the sex part... Make sure to show her that you aim to Satisfy her before yourself.

If you are a generous lover, you will gain points! Do not ask her about her past, unless she wants

to tell you, but open up first and show her that a Real Man, is a man, that can Face the past and then

move on! Compliment her every day and give her soft kisses, that could lead to more,

But let her Lead!

As far as what I wrote earlier about 'really wanting her', You better know for sure what you're getting

yourself into! Strong women can get very Angry and act like psychos! Don't be fooled by the calm

demeanor of Cool Calm and Collected. You piss her off and you could get beat on or even castrated

by her angry words! She can be cunning and trust me that every strong woman remembers everything

you've ever done to wrong in her eyes!

 Depending on her true nature, she will either wish you well or wish you hell....

More on this topic later, for all the good men out there!

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