Tuesday, December 9, 2014

" Where to find Encouragement in the midst of Darkness... "


In this age and time, it is difficult to rely on anyone. Not on Family, Friends or even The Church, if you go

to one! I have always been open minded as to stay positive even in the midst of crisis.

How do I do it? By staying Logical and Knowing the facts that when things can go wrong, they always go

wrong! This is why I mentioned Damage Prevention in one of my blogs. Most idiots will call it Paranoia.

Well, I am not an idiot as most can assure others!

My Mentor, who is now gone taught me about that word.

I never knew what to call my methods, that I had followed since I was 21 years of age, when I decided not

to be like everyone else. Even if I wanted to be similar to others, it never worked out.

I was Me and I was Unique, so why try to change something I cannot? The crazy part of this, is that You

are exactly like that... Unique!

You don't have to listen to shit and scams. You don't have to feel guilty or shame.

Finally, you certainly do not have to Fear anything. After all, what can you lose by trying to do a good thing?

Finding Encouragement in the midst of darkness, is no easy task. I know, because that has been the story of

my life... No one ever believed in anything I wanted to do or could do. Now, I see it as a joke, because

those people were so afraid of getting out-shined! I remember the first time I had mentioned about writing

my first book, my so called friends and acquaintances replied with a smile and silence. Others patronized me

and told me that they were also writing a book! Yeah right! I couldn't use a computer then, so I hand wrote

it in a very pretty book, I had purchased, especially for that purpose. I knew the rest of them laughed at me

but I did not care!

It took me ten years to complete that book! Now, Amazon has it and the rest who hear that I actually

completed the book are all so nice to me! I feel like telling them, they haven't seen nothing yet! But what for?

I keep those kind of hurtful memories as a Reminder, who Believed in me sincerely and who did not!

I have done Everything I said I would do since I was 18 years of age.

I wanted to become a Vocalist, Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Martial Arts, Nail Artist, Designer,

Body-Builder, and a Writer. I have even Preached at 2 churches, which can open a door to many other


Not once, did I have the complete and utter sincere support of anyone I knew, except for Myself.

Sure, some wanted me to make it but they had their own selfish reasons! Not once, was I fooled by the

charming words of the many! And you know what?, That is Okay! It feels better not to owe anyone!

I often had to dig deep inside of me, to find something I could feel positive about during dark times.

I promised myself when I turned Twenty-one years old, that I will Not sell myself out and I have not!

I also promised myself, that I will not dream about some big time Producer or anything like that to fool me

into thinking I will make it Big! I said I will accomplish all my dreams and make it, that's all!

Accomplish is Making It! Forget about the Big bullshit dreams, so many will offer you, especially when

you are a Female!

If you are in a dark place and have no clue how to get out? Don't get out!

Why don't you Master that Dark Place, and give it your touch of Uniqueness? Don't worry, the darkness

cannot stay dark. Your eyes will adjust and it will just be another Dim place, that you can say you have been

to and decorated with your lovely presence!

Dig deep as you sit in that pit...

Dig for the little nice and kind things that a stranger may have told you, when you were younger?

Dig for the silly things, you had done, that made others laugh?

Dig for all the small things you were able to accomplish, no matter how menial they were!

Dig for the tears and hurts that helped you get to this dark place to begin with, I bet you'll find a way out!

Dig for a face, you would like to look at with healthy Pride, once you do climb out of that pit!

Dig for that one person, you can dedicate your Win to!

I say Dig, because it will be that much more difficult, every time you slip and fall into that pit.

Do not be afraid of the pit, it was your creation, Remember?

If you cannot Dig right away? Don't worry about it, Sit and Cry it out!

You will Dig, once your Spirit decides it's time to Dig!

I hope This helps anyone, who maybe going through a dark time right now. I would imagine many are,

It is the Christmas Holidays coming up and so many are sad, including myself.

I do wish Everyone a Solution to whatever Problem, they maybe going through...

Much Love And Peace To All!  

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