Friday, December 5, 2014

" How a Woman can gain Respect from Men of every background "


It's been said that "To be treated like a Lady, One must act like a lady". I am not sure I agree with that

and I will tell you why... It doesn't take much to Act like a lady. All you must do is speak properly,

wear a dress and do a lot of Pretending! In my own interpretation of being a Lady, it means a whole

lot more than them few attributes. To be treated like a Lady, which means to be Respected, calls

for the woman to be Deserving of it. So, if you ask me, I would say...

"To be treated like a Lady, the woman must Deserved it and Demand it!"

I have many male friends, from different backgrounds and nationalities that I trust will agree with

what I am about to write...

One night, out of curiosity, I thought I would ask as many as I could why they Respected me so

much! (Yes, of course I already knew why, but I wanted confirmation from them!)

I was able to ask about 30-40 male friends of mine and to my delight, their answers were all very

similar. Instead of telling you what and how they told me, I think it would be more helpful to write

them down in point form. I will not write it in any special order, but what comes to mind, as I write.

I will go from A-Z and no more than that!

"How a woman can gain respect from men of every background"

a) Always make eye contact upon your first introduction and extend your hand and shake his,
firmly with a smile.

b) Don't allow the man to belittle your womanhood with a stupid joke to cover his insecurity.
"Oh my God, are you trying to break my hand?" (That's when you write him off as a Dufis and tell him "Yes, I must Break You!" Watch him run for his life!) I tell you this, because that has happened to me a few times and then I replied with the "I must Break You!" line. Since then, it has never happened to me again! I've been complimented by it but no more idiotic remarks!
Remember...If you let him get away with it belittling jokes even once? He will do it again and again!

c) Be comfortable in your own skin. Never mind, what the world thinks looks sexy. It's what you think looks and feels sexy that matters, even if that means wearing a potato sack! If you feel beautiful in something? then you will exude that to the rest of the world.

d) Know how to Laugh at Tragedies. Be able to Discuss things of all topics without getting emotional.

e) Don't be afraid to share stories and don't play the victim. Real men secretly desire to have a strong woman and not some wimpy bag of emotional wreck, waiting to be rescued and looked after!

f) Quit asking for things in life, that you, yourself cannot deliver or give to a man! Please quit expecting that the world will give you anything because you have a pretty face or a sexy body!
The world owes you nothing! You owe the world to make a positive difference in your own life and in others.

g) If the man wants to talk about sex in a decent manner, allow him to. You can learn a lot about a man by how he expresses himself that way. However, if he gets outta hand? Let him know gently and walk away. If that doesn't work, Call me. :)

h) Never become a Nag!

i) Never let him see you jealous, unless he has given you a reason to be and explain that reason nicely. (This is only if you are already in a relationship)

j) Don't act tough...

k) Be appreciative and considerate of other women and men.

l) Try not to be judgemental. If you cannot, then keep quiet.

m) Let him see you are not afraid to fight for your convictions and with reasons as to why!

n) Never patronize a man. Men are far from being stupid... Why do you think Rich men use money to buy most women? Because they know, they can!

o) Don't try to make a man jealous, it only confirms his bad experiences with past relationships and that women should not be trusted. Either way, you will lose him sooner or later.

p) Never Betray a man. They do not Forgive well.

q) Never belittle a man, always find encouraging words to help him make the correct choice for himself, even if that means you must leave the picture!

s) Never let a man dictate what you can or cannot do, within reason. Things should be discussed and agreed upon. No trial and error. It's called Damage Prevention.

t) Agree to be Protective of the relationship based on Respect.

u) Never let any man, be disrespected by another man, in front of other men!

v) Never let a man disrespect another woman, in front of you!

w) Never disrespect other women in front of men!

x) Don't try to act sexy by the lack of clothes you wear, It's actually more alluring when they cannot see too much skin!

y) Never sleep with them after drinks, first date, or because you feel you owe him anything!

z) Look into their eyes, Listen to their words, Feel their Spirit and decide if they are Friendship material or more than that. If friendship material, then Never cross that line! I can guarantee you that you will gain Respect as a True Lady and not a Fake!

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