Saturday, November 29, 2014

" I am amazed at the stupid mind games, humans play with the opposite sex"


During my 20's, I had never understood how stupid people really are by playing mind games that

they feel will make them seem more intelligent and successful. The bull-shit and big talk about

all that they have done so far in life; The cash they make and the cars and fancy shit they feel make

them a successful person, to me make them look Weak and Foolish!

Regardless of what I have attained in my life, I have never had the desire to use my achievements as

Bragging Rights! I have always Supported and Encouraged every soul, that I have encountered and I

owe Nothing to anyone! Surprisingly and Unbelievably, by this age in life...

There are still a few so called 'men', who got the nerve and stupidity to try and Challenge my

Intelligence, acting as though they are still 18 years of age!

I cannot be bought, manipulated nor made feel guilty because I keep myself 'In Check' at all times!

When someone tells me they want to be Friends, I never reject. I say "I am attached to someone and

I am not looking to be more than friends!" Some of you have experienced this for 30 years with me!

Forever trying to dangle glitter and glam to see if I can be tempted! I have news for you...

I don't care how Macho or Successful, you are... Or how Intelligent. You will not bate me into


Recently, a person, I thought was a very good friend of mine, who I respected gave me some news

that he wanted more than friendship. I told him, I am not available and reminded him, that he already

knew that I wasn't single before the friendship started.

He kept on with the friendship so I stayed Friendly and Supportive and... Incredibly Understanding!

It was all going well, so I thought but He decided to give me an ultimatum...

Something No one should ever do to someone like me, who Do Right By Everybody!

His ultimatum was for me to give him an answer: Yes or No and not more than that!

So, my answer was "NO".

His reply was: "Then Do not keep in-touch with me".

Does anybody think they know, how that shit made me feel?

Apparently, this bloke does not know and now... He is hounding me with how I made him feel bad

and even Insulted me greatly with something that I will not let anyone get away with!

Here is the mind game, he is playing...

First, Try to make her or him feel guilty

Second: Try to see if she or he will get jealous.

Third: Do anything that will Insult her or him so that she or he must respond to the stimuli

Fourth: Talk badly about her or him to others to see if Anger will work to get her or him back

into contact!

I have news for men such as this guy... "I can let my Former Marine Boyfriend handle your

your ass for the Disrespect, Fortunately for you, He has never given you any worth!

Lucky for you, I know how to handle and dismiss such child play!"

This display of foolishness is only making you look worse! You should have just tried to be real!

The reaction you want from me? Sorry, you will never get that! You wanted to have the last word?

I gave you that Privilege,..

I do that for every idiot I deal with, so don't Flatter yourself!

I have done Right by everyone and have never abandoned nor betrayed, so to be honest with you...

I have no emotions towards a person, who befriended me with his hidden ulterior motives, which

are now too apparent!

I said it once before... " I am No ordinary Female "

I can forgive, understand, have great compassion, will support and encourage every friend I have!

However, Realize that picking a fight or an argument with me, is Illogical and very unwise!